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Welcome to Loves' School

Where All is Love and Love is All

Mother and Daughter Love

About Loves' School

School for Love by Love

Love is ALL


ALL is Love

Our Classes and Courses can be found here as a Program.

We recommend taking the programs in the order laid out below.

Child Carrying Vegetables

To Prepare for anything, we Start with Wiggle Giggle, a fun and silly way to get your wiggles out!

Guided through Wiggling Shaking Dancing Laughing to Relaxing.  What a great way to get energized and calm down for any task. 

Now that We are Ready for Anything, Let's Be Mind Full

Tuning our Focus into the Flow

Lets take Our Knowing of Love to a 

Deeper Level 

What is Unconditional Love for All?

Here we explain the path to understanding this question

Your Body is Your Love Temple

Detoxing your Input

What's Best for our Body Temple?

Activating the Body Temple's Healing Systems

Input the Best for your Love Temple

Guide to Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Plenty of Recipes to Explore

Stretch by Relaxing your Love Temple

Connect to Earth like never before

Learn the Big Breath to deepen every yoga pose

Smile to Relax using Smile Scan Technique

Rewire your Brain

Reprograming yourself, Expanding levels of Abundance

Brainstorm your path with us

We are here for you!



David and Kim are lovely people! They helped me a lot in developing deeper faith in the divine nature of our everyday experience.

Through their love, acceptance and effort that they've shown me I saw the heights of devotion that I myself could climb.



Hey Kimberly, 

Just wanted to let you know that I am on my 4th day of water fasting and totally loving every moment of it. Its been super easy. All my ankle inflammation has cleared up, my mind is laser focused and I have more energy than I have had in the past year. Never had any cravings, hunger pains, dizziness, etc. Thanks so much again for all your help, guidance and encouragement to make this such a joyful experience. You’re the best!



Love, magic, kindness and transformation! These four power words I choose to describe my experiences with David, Kim and The Love Temple. Through knowing them in person, reading their books and sharing together in the flow of the creative force, awesome moves are happening in my world, your world, our world!

Grace testimonial_edited.jpg


"Kim and David are beautiful inside and out.

Studying their teachings for 20 years, they have been guiding those with introspective thoughts and challenges.

Their knowledge is deep and passion so awe-inspiring. I am proud to call them my friends and confidantes."

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