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The Absolute (AOM, God/dess)

All the All in the All (Omnipresent) 

Wise All Knowing (Omniscient)

The Creator (Omnipotent)

All Powerful

The Limitless 

The Illuminator 

The Supreme Spirit

The Source of Happiness

All Blissful

All Divine

All Just

All Merciful

The Protector of All

The Controller 

The Destroyer  

The Sustainer

All Perfect



I meditate on you


Everything created is Sacred, Divine, Whole, Complete and Perfect!

Just as our All Knowing Absolut has willed it to be.


Why pray for it to be different?

Why would it need to be changed?   

How could it not all be perfect?  

Is not All Mercifully Divine, created and ruled by Divine Justice?   

How is not everyone getting exactly what they need for their highest healing?

Why doubt?  


The Absolute does not need to be protected or assisted.


Only the Absolute is the hand of Karma.  

The cause of our effects are in the choice of our actions.

No matter what your Dharma is from past lives or your Karma acquired in this life.

Do good and receive good.

Give graciously without attachment and receive honorably!

Be kind to all and receive kindness! 

Life is as simple as this.


No need to worry about, or feel another's pain.  

They are on their path, receiving what they need for their highest healing. 


No need to pray for something or something to happen

You are already being helped in every way and given all you need

Do what you can do to make it happen

No need for a wish or a hope. 

No need to manifest or pray. 

Acceptance for All that is.

Willingness to guide your path right. 


Knowing All is Well! 


Be here now, Happy and Blissfully Free.  That is the best way to be.  


Be free from pain and sorrow and enjoy supreme bliss! 


Contemplation on this, one can attain true happiness! 


Thanks Loves

David Kenneth Swinson


Notes from the author

I am but a bag of bones fallen many times, kept getting back up to do it again. 

I have practiced a long time to get here. 


I learned long ago to be a good deed doer. 

I have given away what I had and I continue to give what I have left.

I have an acceptance for All and my path, living with no regrets.

Now my practice is Mindfulness and Unconditional Love for All. 


Knowing I will always have all I need in all ways, I receive all I need.  


My life is full of Happiness and Bliss.  

Synchronicities around every corner.

I am in Love with everything and everyone.  

I am at Peace.  


Happy Blissful Free We All may be! 

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