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What is The Love Temple?

The Love Temple is Every Thing, Every Where!

The Love Temple is Your Body Temple.
Your Body is Your Body Temple.


The Love Temple is a Comunity for Unconditional Love

Practicing Unconditional Love for All


Unconditionally Loving All

At Our Loves' School we

Guide Loves (people) Step into their Personal Power and Align with The Highest Path

The Love Temple was Created at The Sdic Chapter Lodge  Big Bear

The Community Needed a Place to Share Music Poems, Dance, Food and Personal Expression

The HeartFlow was born.  We gathered within the heart centered flow.

By Love for Love

 For the Love of Love 

Love so lovely

Love so lovely

The Power of Community


United are our intentions to love.


Common are our hearts together. 


Union when we gather together we help each other.  


Open we learn from each other.


Together we multiply the love.


Gathered, singing, “Thanks Loves”, the shine is limitless!  


Inspiring All with the feelings of love.


All are Equal, All are the All from the All.


We be the We that We be!


All is sacred.


All is Divine.

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Love Temple Heart Flow Sdic Origins
by David Kenneth Swinson clipped out of his book
Inside of Heavens Door

My house had always been a safe haven for friends and family

A welcoming place to stay rest and heal

My home was always open

When the open mic night in the woods got snowed out I opened our house

We gathered gatherings three times a week

Outdoors was the night hikes

Indoors was the HeartFlow

Where All were welcome to the open house for a share

Share what you can; a song, story, food or art

Potluck open mic style

We would flow smooth 

No structure time 

Right with the flow of the heart

Love was the rule if there was any

HeartFlow came the name out of it

Twice a week a gathering at the house named it 
the Love Temple and it fit well

For years we gathered HeartFlows

Friends and family came from near and afar

Soaking in the Love flowing guided by the heart

Everyone welcome to come, share, give and receive

We had big feasts with all kinds of food

Song and dance Love set the mood

One night a band came to play

Stayed the night and were on their way

Half a table full of food other half art and its supplies

Creating friendships connecting family

All were welcome and equal

I had more that I needed so that I could share

I showered my abundance everywhere

We Laughed, Danced and Played 

Brought together by Love going with the flow

The HeartFlow was from the evolution starting with the Idiot Club 

Started twenty years before

Raised to be Idiots with church and school

Don't ask questions, believe what we tell you

TV programming dumbing us down

Accepted and celebrated the title, made it a club

Bunch of Idiots we were making fun of life

Enjoying the title

Can't break us down

Stupid Dumb Idiot Club came out of the SDI

The tag they gave us for not being able to understand us

Made it a club that grew and grew

Next thing you know one hundred members grew into two

The youngest member called us out 

Dumb was not a good word to use 

Duh we changed it to

The SDIC The hiking club it evolved into

Hiking nights no lights, capes on 

Idiots they called us as we sang along

The SDIC one night was pronounced by our beloved Provoker sounded out

Sdic flowed out of his mouth

Like stick with a duh accent we all tried it out

With a laugh a giggle a scream and a shout

The pronouncing of our club came about

Sdic, The Stupid Duh Idiot Club 

Hiking it was a support group a gift from above

Friend’s friends became friend’s friends

A community of outcasts and all walks of life

Hiking at night gardening by daylight

The club was always evolving

For the people by the people

We had earned ranks and titles

Challenges offered and hidden about

Silly fun we had

Together for each other we shared what we could bring to the hike

Searching for a better name to make a company together 

We came up with Sustainable Development Inspiring Community 

For Sdic to sound better

Working with nature, planting and harvesting

Front and back yard gardens, composting goals

Connecting the community with each other and its resources 

Inspiring the development of sustainable communities

Working together with a unified goal

Growing food, sharing art

Gathering for good 

The SDIC came to mean two things and two ways to say it

Sdic we would shout with a idiots salute and club wave

We made fun out of the names they called us 

A joke out of their being mean

So the Sustainable Development Inspiring Community 
gathered the HeartFlows

The Stupid Duh Idiot Club gathered the hikes

The Love Temple became our church

We established The SDIC Inc non profit 501c3

With our outreach the SDIC and The Love Temple our church

We established our web page and tax information 

On the way to receive funding

Opened the door for abundance to flow in

Grants, donors, fundraisers and campaigns 
to build a Love Temple Eco Community

For the Earth by Earthlings

With Love for Love

With the lessons of unconditional Love for self to All

Sharing our practice with everyone

For the amelioration of Humankind

The Love Temple is so much more than a church or temple

It is not physically either of the two

It is not a religion or an established one

The Love Temple is Us All

Our bodies are the Love Temple

Wherever we go Our Temple is there

When we respect and honor Our Temple we treat it with Love

We allow only good in it

When we practice Unconditional 
Love for ourselves that Love shines out

We release all that no longer serves us making room for what does

As we practice this we learn Love and respect for All

Loves Unconditional Love loves Love Unconditional 

As we practice this all around us shifts

Loves shine is limitless

The local SDIC Chapter Lodge became The Love Temple

The Love Temple was a place for Love 

It was like our church, workshop hall and community outreach center

My house was yours

All welcome to soak in the Love vortex portal I had opened up and maintained

Collected heart rocks I found around and placed them about the house

Over the years many people came to stay

A family living in the woods took shelter from the winter’s storms

Brothers lived on the couch to help them get back on their feet

Once the Love Singing Bowl arrived to add to the Love vibe

It became the center of The Love Temple

Vibrating Love out throughout the multiverses

Shining the limitless Love from our hearts 

Within each of us The Love Temple will always be


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