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Donating to
The SDIC Movement

Keeping Up the Momentum Together
Donate Now to Have  Exclusive access to our Loves' School

What your donations will go to
  • Maintaining The Love Temple location

  • maintenance fund

  • SDIC Community Van 

  • Upcoming Events & Retreat

  • Loving Eco Communities 

What your donations have gone to

  • maintenance fund

  • Establishing The SDIC Inc Non Profit 

  • Stick the Sdic Project

  • Sponsorship

  • Creation of The Love Temple

We Whole Heartedly Thank our Sponsors 
  • The Foley Family

  • The Beilic Family

  • The Coker Family

  • The Swinson Family

  • Electrical Solutions

  • The Tan Family

  • The Harris Family

  •  The Pinnock Family

  • The Sirca Family

  • The Garza Family

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