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Moving the Movement

We move the movement by moving the movement forward one step at a time.  

Each movement moveing tward the good movements.



We Lean in many ways, Loves' School is dedicated to empowering the community towards grater unity and optimum human potential

Here you will:

  •  Access the Wisdom Courses and Lessons

  • Be introduced to our educational programs and projects

  • Here about upcoming events

  • View the Public SDIC gatherings Schedule

  • And More


Check out the SDIC Big Bear Sharing Network to see what we have to offer you and your community. Would joining a network help you share your gifts and unify your community?

Here you can:

  • Visit the SDIC online Store

  • Get Connected to our Food Share Network

  • See how to become a workshop Facilitator

  • SDIC and friends events and meetings schedule

  • And More



  • Doing Good and inspiring others to do good!!

  • Leading by Example

  • If you want to see more love in the world, give more love!

  • The world is just a mirror. We must shift ourselves inside first to see change on the outside.

  • Share the amazing things you are creating and working on to inspire others!


The SDIC is for the People by the People, if you feel inspired and would like to Donate to the movement there are a few ways to do so

Such as:

  • Volunteering

  • Donating Resources

  • Making a Financial Contribution

  • Or Sponsering Projects

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To See Open Calls to Action or Donate now

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