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 Developments Inspiring Community


We are here to Answer your Questions


Creating & Connecting Loving Eco Communities worldwide!

Fostering collaboration and shared resources to ensure the common good and well-being of all of life.

 With a goal of supporting humanity in their transition to sustainable living off the land. Helping each other, growing gardens, and our knowledge and integration of Love.

Reminding humanity that we crave belonging through instincts of unity.

We prosper and thrive more when helping and supporting one another.

Everyone deserves the support of their community resulting in stronger bonds throughout neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

The SDIC Inc. aims to inspire communities to sustainably and harmoniously support one another and the natural world.

It is our passion to enrich the lives of others through the self-empowerment gained by growing our foods and medicines and bringing people together to share insights, creativity, and ideas.

This way, we foster health, happiness, and connection individually and collectively. 


An organization founded in Big Bear, California, in 1997.


For the People, by the People. For the Earth, by Earthlings. Not for the private gain of any person, but the gain and growth of all!!



able to be maintained at a certain rate or level


the process of developing or being developed


having the effect of inspiring someone; giving someone positive or creative feelings



a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals


We have Created Our Non-profit

The SDIC Inc. 501c3

The Sdic

Now Pronounced Stick by Our Provoker

Love Temple

Practicing Unconditional Love for All

Our Mission

Creating Loving Eco Communities worldwide to support humanity in their transition to organic, sustainable living off of the land. It is our passion to enrich the lives of others through self-empowerment, fostering health, happiness, and connection. Creating communities full of Love and respect for each other and all of life.  Building a future where the children can thrive!


This is a personal journey for each one of us. We are simply here to guide you back to the ways of the Earth in order to experience the liberation of your true life’s path. 


Focusing on:

Inspiring and fostering the development of sustainable communities that live in harmony with each other and the Earth. 

To develop Global Community Centers focused on education, product development that improves health, and workshops to teach self-sustainability and the cultivation of food and natural medicines. 

Composting, reusing and recycling what would normally go to waste. 

Eco housing for those that this path resonates with, surrounded by a food forest sanctuary. 

To network and connect with individuals, organizations, and other communities throughout the Earth to lift each other up for the betterment of all!


Creation of a Love Temple Ashram, education centers to help those on a path of healing.

Teaching the path of unconditional self-love to all. Workshops to instruct those ready how to fast to cleanse the Body Temple and eat in a way that will prevent dis-ease. 

How will the funds be invested?  

Phase 1: Research and Development

Funds will be used for operating costs: taxes, licenses, fees, internet, office, web page, transportation van, advertising, canvassing, grant writer.


Phase 2: Lecturers, Workshops, Retreats establishing/funding a Trust Fund


What is the Outcome Goal?  

Phase 3:  Building Ecovillages with Retreat/Community Center/Chapter Lodge/Safe Haven/Workshop/Halls worldwide. Connecting and working together for the betterment of all humanity.

Donations have made this website possible.

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