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Wiggle Giggle


Discover the power of your heart with our fun and engaging social-emotional learning program for all ages!  Wiggle Giggle empowers us to calm ourselves down through guided shaking,

dancing, stretching, breathing and laughing techniques.

Wiggle Giggle is the program that will help everyone to be prepared

and get ready to focus on any task.

Virtual Dance Class


We work with all ages and teach creativity through play.


We believe creativity is how we tell the world about ourselves: we write, speak, perform, compose, and craft our stories.


Getting creative can be as simple as imagining a broom as a horse, or as complex as designing and decorating a parachute that lets you drop an egg from the roof without breaking it.


Creative play puts us in charge of exploring ideas, relationships, spaces and finding solutions. 


When learning is playful, people get so immersed in creating strategies and finding solutions, they'll want to stretch their brain cells. 


The joy of play gives them incentive to develop complex reasoning skills, memory, and concentration-much more effectively than being told to sit still and reel off "facts".


All of this flexible thinking will help them to adapt to whatever life challenges the future holds.  

Kids Playing
Kids Playing with Lego


When we get lost in a game or project, it stretches our hearts as well as our minds.

We learn to get along with others and spot when a friend is feeling happy, sad, or frustrated. 

Together we learn to stick it out and solve trickier puzzles or find better solutions, whatever they may be. 

Play is also practice for dealing with the unpredictable or uncertain.


We all enjoy fun and cheers when we win, but also face our

frustrations when things don't go as planned. 


It's exactly the practice we all need to be level-headed in a crisis. 

Or to experiment our way to designing the next great innovation.


We are very passionate about children and teaching them, as they are our future. We also believe there is an inner child in us all that needs nurturing through creativity and play. 

Kimberly and David have seven children together, and two grandchildren.

Kimberly is a children's book author and writes songs for children.

David is currently working on a life skill role playing game program to teach children about plants, edibles, recycling, reducing, reusing, restoring and creating in a way that is beneficial for the whole planet. 

We are both children at heart and are committed to helping children and adults figure out their divine blueprint and be the best versions of themselves.


Why Wiggle Giggle?

Wiggle Giggle provides many benefits for you physically, energetically, emotionally, and mentally.

People from all walks of life may benefit.


Physical Benefits

Alleviates tension, blockages, aches and pains.


Tone muscles. Soften tight fascia. Lose weight.


Improve stamina. Quicken recovery time.


Relax, ground, and center yourself.


Become deeply embodied.


Excel in and complement your hobbies, sports, activities, passions, and more.


This practice is for all fitness levels young, old and everywhere in between!

Energetic Benefits

Improve energy, immunity, sleep, stress, anxiety, and depression.


Enhance your resilience!

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