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Wiggle Giggle

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Discover the power of your heart with our fun and engaging social-emotional learning program for all ages! Wiggle Giggle empowers us to calm ourselves down through guided shaking, dancing, stretching, breathing and laughing techniques. Wiggle Giggle is the program that will help everyone to be prepared and get ready to focus on any task. Why Wiggle Giggle? Wiggle Giggle provides many benefits for you physically, energetically, emotionally, and mentally. People from all walks of life may benefit. Physical benefits Alleviates tension, blockages, aches and pains. Tone muscles. Soften tight fascia. Lose weight. Improve stamina. Quicken recovery time Relax, ground, and center yourself. Become deeply embodied. Excel in and complement your hobbies, sports, activities, passions, and more. This practice is for all fitness levels young, old and everywhere in between Energetic Benefits: Improve energy, immunity, sleep, stress, anxiety, and depression. Enhance your resilience To learn more go to the Wiggle Giggle page on our site

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2 Plans Available, From $11.11/month

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Love Temple Heart Flow

Love Temple Heart Flow

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