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Are you Ready for Transformation?

Are you down right tired physically and emotionally?

Feeling lonely and craving Community?

Are you lost and looking outside of the box?

Well, Congratulations You Made It!

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Because We Love You So Much,

We would like to gift you our

Wiggle Giggle Program for Free.

Where We are guided through usable tools

to help us wiggle out our giggles

to prepare us for any task.

When you evolve on your journey in Love you will gain new insight and knowledge on how to cultivate healthy, meaningful relationships and create a more fulfilling Lovely life.

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Experience Love through our inclusive and supportive community. We are here to help you detox your life and assist your Body Temple Rebirth.

Are you ready?

Recover your Healthy Happy Highest Path


This is a road map for intuitive self healers to guide themselves into success as they discover their greatest gift, their bodies natural healing capabilities. When we cleanse our Body Temple from all the processed toxic foods, we prepare it for a complete re-birth. 

You deserve to live your life free of pain and disease! Unfortunately, our bodies and minds are not capable of feeling at ease in a world polluted with toxic, processed foods, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, and a culture based on separation and competition.  


Fortunately, Mother Earth and Father Creator gave us everything we need to not only survive, but thrive! The natural world and the intelligence of our bodies provide us with every resource we could possibly need to be completely at ease and free of dis-ease.


When we come back to a natural way of living, through True Raw nutritious foods, shaking trauma out of our bodies, and learning the way of the Tao we are able to integrate back to our original divine blueprint. While enjoying the freedom of returning to our intuitive path, getting back to our authentic selves. 

Step into the Light! Your time has come!



David and Kim are lovely people! They helped me a lot in developing deeper faith in the divine nature of our everyday experience.

Through their love, acceptance and effort that they've shown me I saw the heights of devotion that I myself could climb.



Hey Kimberly, 

Just wanted to let you know that I am on my 4th day of water fasting and totally loving every moment of it. Its been super easy. All my ankle inflammation has cleared up, my mind is laser focused and I have more energy than I have had in the past year. Never had any cravings, hunger pains, dizziness, etc. Thanks so much again for all your help, guidance and encouragement to make this such a joyful experience. You’re the best!



Love, magic, kindness and transformation! These four power words I choose to describe my experiences with David, Kim and The Love Temple. Through knowing them in person, reading their books and sharing together in the flow of the creative force, awesome moves are happening in my world, your world, our world!

Grace testimonial_edited.jpg


"Kim and David are beautiful inside and out.

Studying their teachings for 20 years, they have been guiding those with introspective thoughts and challenges.

Their knowledge is deep and passion so awe-inspiring. I am proud to call them my friends and confidantes."

Be With Us

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