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Eating Not Eating offers a comprehensive fasting guide to help you achieve your fasting goals, inner-stand the ins-and-outs of fasting, and provide you with valuable tips and tricks to make the process as easy and successful as possible.


With Eating Not Eating, you can fast with confidence and get the most out of your fasting journey.


This guide will help you detox and prepare to live a happy, joyful, free life, full of life! Eating Not Eating is a road map for


intuitive self healers to guide themselves into success and to discover their greatest gift, their bodies natural healing capabilities through fasting and enema cleanses.


When we cleanse our Body Temple from all the processed toxic foods, we prepare it for a complete awakening.


We can turn our dis-ease into ease when we commit to loving ourselves in such a way that we only put what is for our highest good into our Body Temple.

Eating Not Eating

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