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This is an explanation of my journey from Church to finding Heaven.

Through my path of Sweat Lodge to Bear Dance Ceremony

People gathered around. The Wingmen smudged off the circle in and out. The drum sung loud with the pounding sticks. The Singers sang the Bear welcoming song. The Bear dancers filed into the circle. The songs entered the Bear dancer deep as it woke the Bear. The man was no longer a man, he was now moved by the Bear he carried. Around the fire in clockwise circles and some in spirals. After the song ended the Wingman would smudge and wing the man off with sage to bring him back from the depths of the Bear. Once the men were back into their bodies the next song pounded out of the drum. The Bears danced again around the fire. Taking on the spirit of the Bear dancing through the man. The man was no longer the man, the Bear used this body to dance. The tobacco line kept the ceremony contained within the circle. The community came from all over the world to watch and be healed.

Dancing with Heaven

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