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Snowy Mountain Sunset

Earth Hug Yoga

A fun way to learn yoga with this one of a kind form

You are Earth, on it and part of it. 

Now this is your yoga!  

For you to connect with the Divine!

Take what works here for you. 

Do how you can. Do what you can. 



Did you get comfortable being uncomfortable?


Are you ready to make your body change? 


How do you want to flow? 


How do you want to be able to sit? 


Do you want to be relaxed?


You always had the power!

Now is your time to make changes for you!

Self Hug

The Unconditional Love for Self Practice

Wrapping arms around self

Caressing shoulders,

arms and torso

Rubbing chin & cheek

on shoulders


Give & Receive the Love


With mind on gratitude


Loving Self

Here is what Kamran Behzadi has to say about Earth Hug Yoga

What an awesome gift it was just to read this book, even before getting into any of the poses. The writings of the instructions are overflowing with compassion and sensitivity towards whoever reads them, and the subtle humor is enough to relax your energies and calm your mind where you stand. The poses and expressions themselves are simple, playful and honest. There is a whole variety to choose from and you will instantly feel yourself gravitating towards some more than others which you can easily integrate into your life with that same playful flow, bearing no resemblance to the strenuous routines that many yoga books and courses make a thing of. This book is yoga in the beginning, yoga in the middle and yoga in the end without you ever realizing that even doing yoga; it carries all the fragrance of the essence of the opening mantra of the book, of practicing the art of doing without doing that is wu wei. I can also express gratitude and appreciation for the photography in the book, which as well as being clear and sincere to the expressions themselves are taken with a special eye towards magical surroundings, emitting that same special energy that stimulates the sense of wellbeing and a deep care for one’s life and the body that enshrines it. For many reasons, I feel that it is a great blessing that this book has crossed my path and would especially recommend it to anybody searching for an experience of yoga in their heart as well as their body as I am.

Take Earth Hug Yoga to the Next Level with this Program

All poses are based on Earth Loving Us

Always sending Us Love energy Rainbows Hugs

Visualizing Earth Hugging Us in all that We do

Reverence, Devotion Honor to Earth

Sending Loving Grateful Energy back to Earth

Balancing the Energy Exchange with Earth

Best to do poses in direct contact with Earth

Yin Yoga of Wu-Way style (non-action)

Simply laying there taking time for self to receive

Be gentle, have compassion for self

Smile Big at it All

Interested in becoming an Earth Hug Yoga Teacher?

Join our Earth Hug Teacher Training Program!

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