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The Stupid Duh Idiot Club

The Former Vice President Craig Coker Land Kyacks to Freedom

Been a club since 1997

Was the SDI, an Idiot club

Revived years later as The Stupid Dumb Idiot Club

The Stupid Duh Idiot Club is a club for the people by the people

The Former President David Kenneth Swinson Dresses like an Idiot in Public for the Inspire Challange
Night Hike to Big Foot Hut

And The SDIC was.

AKA. The Stupid Duh Idiot Club 

We Hiked at night

Sdic was prounonced stick by the Provoker

The Official Sdic Helm

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We Gathered for Good

We Brainstormed

The SDIC is a gathering of visionaries sharing ideas to better the world.

Night Hike Up Gods Staircase

Members go out and do good,

make life grand and help earthlings

At The SDIC it's To Each His Own

Bringing what you have,

being what you are,

doing what you can,

being yourself,

Getting off the normal and doing good

The SDIC is to inspire

the development of

sustainable communities 

Gathering to help those In need

Seizing the day Seeking the truth

Doing something enjoyed

Seeing the love and beauty of this world praising to the heavens thanking for this life

gather for good to do good

Gather here or there Start something good new and inspiring.

Connections established 

Bridges Built

Friendships made

Suck the marrow out of life​
Inspiring communities to

live off their local land

 Growing Gardens
Doing Good for Good 
Helping the Helpless
Hopeing the Hopeless 
Gathering for supporting of others

Connecting board visionaries with other visionaries

Establish a Chapter in your area

Membership cards

Stupid Duh Idiot Club Games

Sdic Jiberish Dictionary

 Cape Secrets Reveled

Planning events  scavenger hunts and fund raisers

Hiking biking snow shoeing gatherings workshops

To become a Member SDIC start as a Nobody




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