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THe StUpid Duh IdiOt CluB

Welcome Idiot!!  Are you lost?? Or are you where your ment to be?

This is a stupid club of Idiots.  You would have to be duh to want to join such a club. 

You must be an idiot if you think you should be in a stupid duh club.

GO away

Nobody likes yous

You should not join this idiot club
Its not for you so go

In the club you must start out as a Nobody.  Nobody knows about the idiot club. Nobody is a Member of the sdic. Now that you know that Nobody likes you and you are still here wanting to be a Nobody too. 

Welcome NOBODY!!

 You are a Sdic pawn living in the Sdic Pond where new members hang out while Not Sure. 

A Nobody must be varafied to move on to the next rank

Nobody spreads the word of Sdic Haps.


Nobody shows up on gatherings.


Nobody brings something to share.  


Nobody brings more Nobodys.


Nobody wants to have a cape.


Nobody is an Idiot.

How to Get out of Nobodys SDIC Pond

Find Somebody or Anybody to Sponsor Nobody out of Nobodys Pond  to become 

a some type of Somebody somewhere....until then there is 



***Click it***

Nobody canot Call Hike-Second Joint Cheif of Duh Staff

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