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True Raw: Unleashing the Power of Nature's Goodness

The Healing Path

This is the path leading to your True Raw Life.

Guide yourself through our program of detoxing your intake then refilling with only the best for your Body Temple.

We would like to show you how easy and yummy this way of life is!!! 

We believe that taking care of your Body Temple is crucial. Our focus is on detoxing your intake, and filling your Body Temple with only the best. Our True Raw recipe book is a testament to our commitment to healthy living. Our recipes are carefully curated to ensure that they are natural and wholesome. They are also easy to follow and prepare. Our Eating Not Eating Program is designed to help you evolve your life into a True Raw Life. Our programs provide a map to success, unlocking your Body Temple's natural healing capabilities through fasting., or as we like to call it; slowing. We can turn our dis-ease into ease when we commit to loving ourselves in such a way that we only put what is for our highest good into our Body Temples.  Join our True Raw Community to see the power of slowing down, detoxing and healthy living!

The True Raw Life


Here we explain what is Truly Raw food and what is not.


We explain the importance of changing eating habits and fasting.

What is True Raw?



Truly Raw


True Raw Is:


Living foods





Sprouted Nuts Seeds

Cold-Pressed Oils

Unpasteurized Fresh Squeezed Juices

What is not True Raw?



True Raw is Not:

Any food heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit

Pasteurized including most organic juices and milks. Read the labels to see if it says pasteurized. Almost all juices you can purchase at a grocery store have been pasteurized.

Anything that has been frozen in any way on its way to you

Canned Foods

Food and Sauces in Jars

Processed Food





ALL Processed Sugars

Ingredients like: Nutritional Yeast, Roasted Nuts, Vinegars, Artificial Sweeteners, Natural or Artificial Flavors, Food Dyes, oils that are not cold-pressed, anything that doesn't come from nature. 



Regular Fasting is the best and least expensive way to maintain your Body Temple and stay in a state of ease, and not dis-ease.


You do not need anything outside of yourself, only the willpower to do it!



Fasting for the Body Temple is like Changing the Oil is for a vehicle.



Fasting is like taking a shower but on the inside. It is a reset and helps keep the body youthful and healthy.



We recommend a 24 hour fast one day a week minimum. Once you get in the habit of regular fasting try eating only every other day and see how you feel!


If you are not prepared to make that commitment to yourself and your health yet, commit to fast for 24 hours at least once or twice a month.




Refer to our Eating Not Eating Program for full program on fasting.

Tuning in to your Body Temple





Listening to your Body Temple is a practice.


Being mindful when eating, not distracted by scrolling on your phone or watching something on television, etc.


Eat slowly and chew food until it is liquid.


This practice will help you to not eat too much, which will turn into poison in your Body Temple.


Be easy on yourself as you go through the process and pay attention to how your Body Temple feels.


Tune into your Body Temple and ask it questions. If you listen to it, the Body Temple will tell you what it needs.


In order for your Body Temple to be able to tell you what it TRULY wants (not the parasites that the Body Temple may be hosting) one MUST detox the Body Temple first.


Eat simply without feeling the need to put many ingredients together.


Putting too many ingredients together bogs down the Body Temple and creates more work and energy for the digestive system.


These are guidelines.


It is up to each of us individually to put what resonates with us or does not into practice.


Journal how you feel after eating and observe your habits.


Did you eat too much?


Do you feel like you didn't eat enough?


Do you find yourself finishing a meal before everyone else?


Or are you typically finished after others?


Do you notice yourself having certain cravings?


What are ways you tune into your Body Temple?

True Raw Recipe Book


Have fun with preparing food. No need to be serious. Laugh and Play. You don't have to follow our recipes exactly. Make the dish your own. Try different things and ways. Improvise and go with what you have available. Love is the best ingredient.


Here are some of the recipes we have created or found that fit into what being True Raw means.

We have found from our own experience that mixing too many ingredients together will bog down the digestive system, and can lead to constipation and blockages in the intestines.

Anything cooked over 113 degrees or frozen is no longer True Raw. When food temperatures hit 118 degrees and above, food starts to form acrylamide, a neurotoxin and cancer causing chemical.

True Raw is a shift in how you view food and life.


Anytime we use the ingredients olive oil or coconut oil, they are cold-pressed. We believe this is very important. Any sweeteners we use like Date Paste are also Raw as we make them ourselves from organic dried dates. This goes for our Cocoa powder as well. At one point in Mexico, we could not find Raw Cocoa Powder so we bought the Raw Cocoa beans and processed them into powder ourselves. There will be some of these items that are not True Raw in the stores. We encourage everyone to do their own research and make sure what you are purchasing is True Raw.

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