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Earth Hug Yoga Flow

Created by 
David Kenneth Swinson


Created out of Self Practice 
Typed up 2021 Copyright
E-book and Paperback January 2023
Pictures By Kimberly Swinson May 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



All poses are based on Earth Loving Us
Always sending Us Love Energy Rainbows Hugs
Visualizing Earth Hugging Us in all that We do
Reverence, Devotion Honor to Earth
Sending Loving Grateful Energy back to Earth
Balancing the Energy Exchange with Earth
Best to do poses in direct contact with Earth
Inhale in Moving into the poses
Exhale out Relaxing into them
Stay in poses for Multiple Breaths
Deeply Breathe to Lengthen Stretch
Stay in poses as long as possible
Relax, be relaxed, let go, tell muscles to relax
Pushing past ones pain and relax perimeters
Stay in each pose as long as willing to relax deeply
Finding the uncomfortable to relax it into comfort
Take breaks out of the pose
Flow move to clear stuck energy
Yin Yoga of Wu-Way style (non-action)
Simply laying there taking time for self to Receive
If it hurts, Focus on Gratitude breathing, relax, release, receive
Be Gentle, have Compassion for Self
Smile Big at it All

From the Author

From the Author

You are Earth, on it and part of it. 
Now this is your yoga!  
For you to connect with the Divine!
Take what works here for you. 
Do how you can. Do what you can. 

Did you get comfortable being uncomfortable?

Are you ready to make your body change? 

How do you want to flow? 

How do you want to be able to sit? 

Do you want to be relaxed?

You always had the power.

Now is your time to make changes for you!

Devotion Hands

Devotion Hands
Palms and fingers flat touching together
In reverence with a devotional attitude
Usually held
against chest
Feel the energy flowing between hands

Namaste hands honoring the light in us
The inner bow

With love honor and gratitude
ance connecting the masculine with the feminine Union
Big inhale through the nose with thoughts on gratitude for the Divine

Devotion Hands.jpg
Self Hug
Self Hug.jpg

Self Hug

Wrapping arms around self 

Caressing shoulders, arms and torso

Rubbing chin a
nd cheek on shoulder

Give and receive the love

With mind on gratitude loving self

Progress to
Wrap opposite arm on top 

Big Breath

Big Breath
Power is in the breath. Stretch with focus on deepening the stretch by relaxing. Using nasal inhales to filter the air. Each and every breath can deepen a stretch in any pose  (Laying poses are recommended for the first time) Start out with a 4-2-4-2 count for Inhale, Hold, Exhale, and Hold. Then gradually increase count.
Breathe Big Gratitude  
Inhale A Big Huge Breath in of Gratitude
Thankful for Life’s Gift 
Exhale Big Gratitude Breath out 
Relaxing into Thankfulness 
Big Breath Lengthen  
Each Inhale longer - Each Exhale longer 
Slowly Inhale a huge breath in of gratitude
Keep going, Inhale more, Exhale big gratitude Breathe out slowly, blow out more, more 
Slowly lengthening into breath’s expansion 
Breathe Big Lung Expansion  
Inhale from chest expanding upper middle and lower parts to the lungs relaxing stomach 
Exhale from the lowest stomach muscles, keeping chest expanded, vertebrae stacked 
Inhale heart forward, rolling shoulders back expanding chest & lungs beyond perceived limits 
Exhale from the lowest stomach muscles pushing all air out of the lungs 
Inhale as much as perceived possible
Then inhale more 
Exhale as much as perceived possible, then Exhale more 
Inhale deep, soft, long breath
Pushing past the pain releases the tension 
Exhale relaxing like never before

Hold It  
Inhale fully, hold it, then relax stomach, hold it 
Exhale fully, pushing it all out, hold it 
Relax into the Stretch  
Relaxing on transitions of holding the breath on inhale and on exhale. Tell the tension to relax, allowing the muscles to release the stuck emotions and toxins, shifting muscles back to  the natural flow. Encouraging muscles to release in a chain reaction. 
Calmly settling deeper into the pose. 

Exhale from tightening lower stomach muscles 

Inhale from relaxed stomach to deepen Inhale 
Exhale Gratitude - Exhale more Love - Hold it -
Relax - Release

Inhale Gratitude - Inhale more Love - Hold it -
Relax - Release

Lying Down Poses

Lying Down Poses

In the dirt
On the floor
On a mat
In a bed

Flat surface with full support is best

Soft bed my not give you the pressure needed to press on muscles

Hard floor allows the muscle knots to be pressed into relaxation

Start with comfort if need be, then work up to harder surfaces



Lying on back

Fingers interlaced

Hands under head

Bottom of feet together

Knees apart open


Close your eyes
Picture your choice vacation destination 

Inhale face left exhale
Inhale look center exhale
Inhale face right exhale

Snow Angel
Snow Angle in the Sand.jpg

Snow Angel

Lying on back

Straight arms
Extended legs
Gliding along Earth

Moving limbs to create an Angel


Gliding legs together and then apart

Sliding arms from touching hips

To touching thumbs together above head

Extended Vacation

Extended Vacation  

From Vacation Pose

Extend Arms & legs 

Reaching out

Star Shape

Move limbs anywhere along the snow angel path      

Find the spot that needs the most stretch and hold it    


Inhale face left exhale
Inhale look center exhale
Inhale face right exhale

Earth Hug

Earth Hug

Lying on stomach, stretching arms out, palms down 
Fingerprints touching the Earth 
Hug heart open in loving embrace
Connecting to Mother Earth

Breathe In turn head left
Breathe Out Relax

Breathe In Lookup chin on Earth
Breathe Out
Breathe In turn head right
Breathe Out Relax

Supported and Held

Receiving the Love

Earth Hug.jpg

Self Hug as Earth Hugs Self

as Self Hugs Earth

Cross arms and touch fingertips to Earth

Then cross to the opposite way

Sky Hug

Sky Hug

On back face up and smile

Hands out palms up

Fingernails touching Earth

Giving Sky a huge hug

Receiving Earth and Sky’s hugs

Legs and arms rest anywhere along the snow angels movement path

Hugging All 

Receiving All

Loving All

Big inhale and exhales

Relax deeper with breath

Sky Hug.jpg
Smile Scan

Smile Scan

Mindful Body Relax Focus

A smile is an inner joy. Joy is a healing emotion like laughter.
Our smile can heal ourselves and others. 
Depending on where we direct it.

Finding the Root of the Smile
Start with a little smile, slightly smiling. Then relax it back to no smile. Next with another little smile, feeling the difference between a smile and no smile.  Find the root of the smile, where the smile begins.  Locate it and picture it, feeling the first muscle that starts the flow of the smile. With the first thought of smiling to the first muscle movement, then relax.  Working on flexing that first smile muscle by finding it, witnessing it and then flexing it. Practice that for a while then increase the smile slowly This is The Root of the Smile.

The Smile Flex
Next move from the first smile muscle to the next and back to no smile. 
Slowly and softly increasing the smile one muscle at a time.
Feeling and experiencing each and every muscle along the way.
Noticing any stuck trauma or emotions in the smile muscles from when you held back your smile or when your smile was not received.  Relaxing that tension to allow your smile to grow smooth freely without judgment.  Flexing your smile all the way up to the Huge Smile.

Huge Smile
Big smile, bigger than ever before. 
Noticing all the muscles that can be used to make a huge smile.
Feel how the smile feels in the body temple.  

Direct Smile Practice

Intend to relax, smile at relaxing. 
Inhale through nose, tongue to the roof of the mouth, eyes closed, gazing up with a grateful smile. 
Witness the bodily feelings and sensations, picturing, scanning, feeling feelings, bringing awareness to the different areas of sensations. 
Get to know yourself on a cellular level more intimately, knowing each part of your muscles and cells.  All of the body temple is you and part of you, connected beyond belief.
Feel the breath flow the sensations and feelings, smiling at the feelings and sensations, breath stretching into relaxing the tension.

Focus all your attention on the spot on your body that is calling for your help.  Sending the smile to the spot in the body temple that is asking for the most attention. Breathe big and ask it to relax. Focus on one muscle at a time.  Then focus on the muscles around it. Help the muscle relax the tension with a smile and the stretch of your breath. 

Feel how the smile feels with smiling attention to the tension spot. 
When another spot is calling for your attention, 
give it your attention, smiles, 
gratitude and forgiveness. 

Ask Ancestors, Guides, Guardians and Angels to help release the tension. Ask the cells in the muscles to relax the muscle.
Command your muscles to relax. They are yours and part of you.            They must comply. 
Envision releasing deep stuck trauma, Forgiving, Loving with a Smile. 
Witness the release of letting go.
Imagine it flowing back to Mother Earth.
Smiling at it All! 

Feeling All!  

Sending Love!  


Peas in a Pod

Peas in a Pod

Be the pea pod

Pod full of peas

Feel the peas in the pod

Held and safe to grow

Peas like chakras

See the green








Bend forward 

Relax and Rest

Sprouted Pea

Sprouted Pea

Sit on feet together kneeling

Bow forward on knees

Resting forehead on ground 

Reaching palms forward facing down 

Inhale reach stretching hands forward

Exhale settle into relaxing

Mind on honoring our inner child

Joyfully grateful for this life

Pea Pod Devotion

Pea Pod Devotion

With Devotion Hands 

Lying on back face up

Together hands stretch out above head

Thumbs on ground pointing fingers away

Heels together
Big toes together 
Pointing away and out.

This spine stretch is pulled by the heels.

Flex toes up toward sky
Dig heels in Earth
Point toes away to stretch 

Visualize your Chakras as Peas in the Pod

Pea Sees the Light

Pea Sees the Light

In Pea Pod Devotion 

Lift head off Earth out of the pod
Look left & right

Relax returning the pea to the pod. 
The pea says “Not yet” 

Split Pea

Split Pea

Relaxed Pea Pod Devotion

Legenthing stretch then relax

Rest hands and feet apart
Relax the elbows and knees open

Feel the split of the pod open as you relax

Ascension of the Pea Pod

Ascension of the Pea Pod's Devotion 

From Pea Pod Devotion

Hands together bring Devotion Hands down

Honoring Crown, Third Eye, Throat, and Heart

Opening up hands, palms first then fingers

Dropping the honor flow through the lower chakras down

Shaking off, releasing all guck that 
no longer serves back to Earth

Returning nourishing compost guck to Earth 

Return to Devotion Hands on heart center 

Breathe in the love light deeply into all cells
Let bright light shine from within and out

Shifting into a ThunderBolt of energetic power

Thunder Bolt

Thunder Bolt  

Laying down on back

Devotion Hands together above the head 
Thumbs against the Earth

Toes and bottoms of feet together

pulled close to butt

Feel the energy flowing between hands, feet, 
Earth & Sky

Inhale filling lungs, oxygenating 

Exhale release open and relax

Relaxing all of the body temple with breath



In the dirt
On the floor
On a mat

On a pillow or pad

Aligning the spine stacked

Ballance on butt and spine up to head

Shifting to laying down opens the hips even more

The goal of sitting is to stretch feet knees and legs to be able to get to the Lotus Posture

Easy Sit

Easy Sit


Sit on butt 

Legs crossed at the ankles 


Spine straight and stacked

Feeling your head being pulled up by Sky

Flat Leg Sit

Flat Legs Sit 

One heal against the root chakra

One foot flat in front of the other

Relax knees and feet 

Feet and knees resting on Earth

Balanced on butt

Chest open 

Heart forward

Alternate legs 

Different heal touching hip base between legs



Sit on Butt 

Souls of feet together        

Heals toward base

Allowing knees to relax and flow down to the Earth

To deepen stretch push down on knees with hands



Advance Sitting

Legs crossed

Each foot placed on top of the opposite thigh 

Bottom of feet facing up

Balanced on stacked spine

Chest open 

Heart forward

Shoulders rolled back 

Wal Sitting

Wall Sitting 

Poses done while sitting butt down on Earth

With butt as close to wall as possible

Back and head against wall

Shoulders rolled back 

Chest open heart forward

Can practice any sitting pose back to wall

This can help you find ballance and stack spine

Improving your sitting without the wall

L Devotion

L Devotion

Back against wall

Body in L shape

Back straight

Legs extended

Feet together heals and toes touching

Devotion Hands

L Reach

L Reach

In L Devotion

With hands together in Devotion Hands 
Raise hands up from chest through upper chakras
Honoring each chakra

Stretch arms extended against ears
Point fingers above head

Inhale reaching hands up to the sky

Exhale relax into the stretch 

L Split

L Split  

In Staff Reach 

From hands together stretching up

Inhale open hands, rotating wrists out thumbs together until back of hands facing wall

Exhale relaxing energy down as you drag hands along the wall until they rest touching the ground

Inhale expanding chest heart open 

Exhale relax stretching as long as you can



Knees bent 

Sitting on feet

On the ground

On the floor

On a mat

On a pillow



On knees with Devotion Hands together

Sitting tall pulled up from top of head

Back straight 

Shoulders back 

Chest open

Heart forward

Relax Breathe Gratitude 

Deotion Up

​Devotion Up

In Devotion 

Move Devotion Hands up 
Honoring each chakra on the way

Reaching Hands together fingers up high

Stretching from butt to fingertips

Devotion Down

Devotion Down


In Devotion Up

Roll hands around to back each other

Receiving energy and bringing it down 

slowly stretching out

Pushing energy to Earth

Relaxing as fingers touch down

Dragging fingers across Earth behind back

Inner lacing fingers 

Palms together 


Spine straight head tall chest open



Finding balance

Shoes off feet in dirt

Or on ground

Or on mat

Flat foot or on balls of feet lifting up heels 

Focus on something stationary not moving

Transition into poses slowly as possible

Feeling the ballance and the off balance

Resetting and restarting when unbalance is found

Standing poses can also be done walking

Conscious slow steps of even balance

Standing Devotion

Standing Devotion

Feet shoulder width apart 

Knees slightly bent

Hands in Devotion against chest 

Head pulled up by Love


Sway and flow

Finding your center

Find your balance

Heart Opener

Heart Opener Love Shine

In Stand

Inhale bend knees a little more

Exhale deepening the stand

Hips rotated back butt out

Palms together behind back

Interlaced fingers 

Thumbs against but crack

Inhale roll shoulders back chest open

Exhale with stomach muscle pushing air out

Heart forward beaming Love light out of chest

Toe Drag

Toe Drag


In Stand 

Shift weight to one foot

Knee slightly bent

Freeing other foot to point back heel up

Relax until top of toe drags on Earth

Resting stretch 

Return to stand 

Opposite side drag toes to resting stretch

Devotion Up

Devotion Up

Feet Together 

Knees slightly bent

Hands in Devotion above head 

Head pulled up by Love


Sway and flow

Finding your center

Find your balance

Hug All

Hug All

In Stand

Inhale bend knees a little more

Exhale deepening the stand

Hips rotated back butt out

Palms up reaching out

Inhale roll shoulders back chest open

Heart forward beaming Love light out of chest
Embracing the All with a Huge Hug

Fart Poses

Fart Poses

To help with digestion and absorption.  

Unclog intestines.  

Relieve Constipation

Relaxing allowing stomach to sag

Using Big Breath Technique

Achieving the Cold Fart (Farting in)

By relaxing stomach and anus 

Air Biscuit

Air Biscuit


Amazing at releasing the stomach stress

On knees and elbows

Hands stretching forward

Butt up allows air to move up to exit.

Stomach and anus relax

Cold air will be felt entering the anus

This will cause farting

Allowing air to pull the digested food out

Air Ninja

Air Ninja

Face down 

Shoulders touching Earth

On knees

Butt up

Animal Moves

Received from the spirit of the animals

Should be taken slowly

Not a usual stretch

Don't injure yourself

Take your time

Rest out of pose after stretching into it 

Half Headstand

Half Headstand

Kneeling Rest head on Earth

Bend elbows at 90 degree angle

Placing hands down shoulder with apart

Lift knees up to rest on elbows

Breathe Balance



From Half Headstand

Slowly lifting knees off elbows

Extending legs up 



Animal Poses

Inspired by the movements and the spirit of the different animals.

Get in to these poses by feeling what it is like to be the animals

Standing Duck 

Squat with Balance 

Insides of feet touching together 

Standing on balls of feet

Sitting on heels

Devotion Hands behind you

Chin up deep inhale through the nose.

Looking forward

A honk deep in the skull in the nasal cavity 

Tongue on roof of mouth closed   

Move hands f
lapping wings 

Ready to fly



Playful play

Heart opener

Embodiment of the Seal

Kiss the Sky


Heels together

Knees open

Feet open like seal 

Heels together

Toes facing apart

Side of feet touching Earth

Palms Down Fingers 

Elbows almost locked

Underside of wrists facing together

Slowly Move around Dancing as the seal does more of flop than dance

Shuffling around

Playful joy

 Chin up let out a Bark

From Deep Down 

After big inhale push out a 



Ego Stand

Standing on balls of feet
Heels up

Resting butt on heels

Knees spread apart

Knuckles on the Earth 

Elbows locked between knees

Chin up stretch

Big Exhale through the Nose



Advanced Leg stretch

Take it slow with this new way to stretch






Hands tucked  

Head on ground 

Hands together on knees





From Egg

With Devotion Hands 

Pushing hands through the egg shell

Slipping into expansion

Flowing Devotion Hands 

Rubbing and moving together smoothly



Belly on the ground

Palms down

Fingertips and thumbs stretched out

Feeling frog hands and feet growing

Happily wagging imaginary tail


Foot knee stretch

Heals pointing to each other 

Toes point opposite

Insides of feet on Earth

Knees apart

Elbows bent and out

Hands and fingers facing forward

Chin up let out a Croa

Big inhale through nose

Smelling all 

Exhale from stomach blowing air out  

Bellows of a croak from deep down 

Thanks Sky

Standing Frog


Heels together 

Toes point opposite directions

Fingertips down touching Earth pushing down

Arms slightly bent

Shoulders back 

Chest open

Heart out

Frog Thanks Sky

In Frog Stand 

Balancing on feet

Devotion Hands in praise

Eyes to the sky grateful

Gratitude for this life

Blissful Frog


On back 

Relaxed open palms facing up to receive 

Knees apart relaxed

Heals near each other

Out sides of feet touching Earth

Blissfully receiving all the love

Thank you for your existence and your time to read this

I am forever perfecting my techniques as I learn myself and what works for me.
Please let me know what you think.  

May you feel the love rainbow waterfalls all around us

Raasiyanatha David Kenneth Swinson

All my books are now available on Amazon

My Journey Into The Golden Age

Rantings and Ravings of an Idiot Genius

A guide to Life

This is from the Book and Program Earth Hug Yoga
Check it out to see more
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